Mining Division

Since the establishment of Mining Engineering Department Mining Division has been conducting education, research and development activities. Mining Division of Hacettepe University Department of Mining Engineering is comprised of highly developped laboratories. Laboratory analysis, scientific and industrial projects in reserve estimation, underground and open pit mining methods, rock mechanics, tunneling, marble and quarry mining fields are being conducted.

Engineering Services given by Mining Division

MODEST (Mineral Resource Estimation and Mine Design Team) gives wide range of commercial engineering services every phases of mine life starting from mineral resource estimation to closure of the mine, including open pit and underground mining applications. The team experienced in feasibility studies also have well developed experiences in assessment, design and development of mining projects. The interests of the team are listed below:

Resource Modelling

  • Database creation and validation
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Variogram modelling and 3D modelling,
  • Block Kriging,
  • Geostatistical Simulation,
  • Resource Estimation
  • Reserve Estimation
  • Optimum drillhole site selection

Open Pit Mining

  • Open Pit Design and Optimization
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Production method and equipment selection
  • Blast Design
  • Cost Estimation and Analysis

Underground Mining

  • Production method selection
  • Underground design
  • Ventilation design
  • Blasting Design
  • Excavation and Support Design
  • Cost Analysis

Production Planning

  • Numerical Modelling (FLAC 3D, PFC3D, Rocscience)

Rock and Soil Mechanics

  • Aggregate and Fill technologies
  • Ventilation laboratory and applications
  • Ventilation Optimization
  • Auxilary Ventilation and Optimization
  • Slope stability